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Case study

Haemophilia Foundation Australia

The Haemophilia Foundation Australia (HFA) is a not for profit that works with people with haemophilia and other blood disorders to help them continue to live fulfilling lives by providing support to those affected and their families.

HFA also educates and promotes research to ensure anyone affected by a bleeding disorder has access to treatment and the support they need. They also do a lot of advocacy work which involves consulting with the community about healthcare requirements to recommend improvements and new treatments available to help people with haemophilia live an active life and participate within the community.

The Challenge

The Haemophilia Foundation of Australia started working with us 5 years ago when they needed a new website and were also looking for long term support. They wanted a website that looked beautiful and that also remained relevant with regular updates and improved useability and searchability over time. HFA wanted a long term relationship with continued support for all their website development and design needs to keep it fresh and create the best possible user experience.


The Solution

We had a meeting with them when we orginally created the new website years ago and from there started a professional relationship by keeping in contact so we could know all their website needs. When updates or improvements needed to be made we were able to communicate with their friendly team to make sure we could deliver the best possible outcome. 

Over the years we have regularly refreshed their website and content to ensure it has remained appealing and relevant. The most recent update was the journal area where we helped to improve its usability and searchability. We have also given the homepage a refresh to make it more engaging for users. The continued work on the HFA website has allowed each user to have a positive experience while navigating through the important information and services on their website.


The Results

As a result the Haemophilia Foundations long term relationship with us has given them long term value as we built their beautiful website and have continued to refresh and optimise its useability, searchability to give their users the best experience possible. 

We love building strong and long lasting relationships with our clients so we can ensure their website is always shining and the best it can be! If you are a non for profit looking for a new or updated website, contact us today!

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