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What we do

Website audits for nonprofits

Website audit for NFP feature graphic

Our website audit for nfp service provides a baseline measurement framework for website health. Our audits provide an easy to understand graphical score of your website across 5 main areas with actionable recommendations.


Website usage statistics provided by industry standard tool Google Analytics.  The Heartburst team review configuration including NFP specifics like donation conversion tracking.


Search health affects how likely you are to appear in organic (non-paid) search results on search engines.  Using our development expertise alongside search tools, we provide key insights into search health


Technical aspects of the website are key to the longevity of the sites’ health. It is vital to understand what is being used and if it is reliable going forward. 

Design & UX

Good design adds value by providing an engaging supporter experience.  Visual design and strong branding affect the first impression given to prospective donors or volunteers. 


Accessible web design allows for all abilities access, navigation and a pleasant user experience.  This can be paramount for nonprofits who provide services to people with a disability.

Website audit for NFP

We've developed an infographic style overview of our website audit for NFP. This provides our clients with a birds eye view of website vitals read traffic light colour coding.

Website audit for NFP infographic example
Website audit for NFP details example

Want the detail? No problem! Detailed findings and review points are presented in our final report for easy reference.

A website audit for NFP can be provided as part of a larger Digital Discovery project to provide input to the project objectives and metrics for success. They are also very useful as a health-check of the performance of your current website, when planning your next upgrade project.



11 data points checked – Ensuring your analytics tags are installed and firing is our first priority.  We then look at key metrics such as site users, engagement rate and device usage.

Configuration status

Traffic origin

Traffic Trend

Monthly Users

Monthly New Users

Bounce rate


Mobile/Desktop Split

Top Pages

Top Countries

Demographics – Age range

Demographics – Gender



5 data points checked – What keywords are people using to find you? Are your pages configured to be easily understood by search engines?  We check these core metrics for SEO health.

Google Keyword ranking

Page titles

Broken Links

Meta tags

Content strategy



9 data points checked – Our development team lift the hood of your website to review your page speed, security, software currency and hosting backups.

Hosting – location

Hosting – CDN


Page Speed



3rd party plugins

Custom code

Supported software




Design & UX

10 data points checked – Our extensive expertise in design allows us to provide anecdotal feedback on user experience, brand, and graphic design.


User Experience



Main navigation



Sub menu navigation

Mobile navigation

Mobile optimisation




9 data points checked – How easily is your website accessed by people with vision impairment or a disability?  We provide an high level assessment against industry benchmarks.

Page structure

Colour contrast

Skip to content option

Font size

Alt text





WCAG level

Time for your NFP website audit?