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About us

Your trusted digital parter for positive impact.

We lever technology to help purpose driven organisations maximise the positive impact they have on society.

A heartburst is the spark of passion that ignites a movement. The good work of our clients can typically be traced back to an individual or group of people who experienced a heartburst for a particular cause.  When that spark ignites a flame, it spreads to establish an organisation that can multiply positive impact exponentially.

Our vision at Heartburst is to fan that flame through excellence in digital design and technology.  We empower our clients to focus on the important work they do, by providing expertise and craftsmanship as a digital partner. 

Value heading

Value descriptions will be defined during our team chat that is scheduled for 1st May.

Identify “as-is” processes

Whether you’re using still using spreadsheets or you have have an existing legacy system, we’ll unpack and document your “as-is” workflows. Understanding the current-state helps us identify current efficiencies, pain points, and ideas, preparing us for the next step…

Design “to-be” processes

Here’s where the magic happens! Based on learnings so far, we complete user journey analysis and design our “to-be” processes. We create a revised data model, plan future-state workflows, and establish our tagging and segmentation categories.

CRM selection

Now that we have a firm grip on system requirements, we go shopping. We are “platform agnostic” and committed to selecting the right CRM platform that meets your unique needs. We have partnered with popular platforms used by the Nonprofit sector, bringing valuable experience to an important decision.

Impact analysis and change planning

A change to a core system will affect everyone within your organisation and beyond. Careful change management is crucial for a smooth launch of your new CRM. We assist with impact analysis and help with the transition.

CRM configuration

Time to roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty! There’s so much to configure: custom fields, segments, tags, email templates, workflows, forms, and donation receipts to name a few. We’ll ensure your CRM is tailored to your organisation with helpful dashboards and relevant reports.

Our capabilities

Solution consulting

Senior members of our team have been around since the early days of the internet. We bring decades of experience.

Design and UX

Our heritage is in great design, and we believe human centred digital experiences can make a real difference.

Web Development

We have an in-house development team committed to assisting our clients while delivering best practice web solutions.

Software development

We build software for our own products as well as for our clients. Our team build enterprise grade solutions of lasting value.


Our support desk team provide ongoing maintenance and services. We partner with you in your digital success.


Heartburst is an Australian digital agency dedicated to the not-for-profit sector. 

Leadership team

Rob van der End


Rob is a visionary entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in the web development business.

Originally finding success during the .com boom of the late nineties, Rob has worked with household names such as Channel 7, Optus, and NAB.

Rob has a genuine desire to provide solutions of lasting value that enable impact.

Nick Dubé

Head of Digital + Founder

Nick’s experience in digital design, development and business spans 20 years, with a key focus on the nonprofit sector.

With a natural flair for award-winning digital design, Nick draws on his passion for enabling positive change to inspire his work. He also draws on deep technical understanding as he leads our digital team. 

Matt Emerson

Head of Operations

Matt has extensive experience across IT&T initiatives over the last 15 years, including NBNco.

Matt does a brilliant job of guiding our clients toward better digital outcomes.

While overseeing our operations and delivery functions, Matt is incredibly passionate about facilitating purpose driven work.

Our history

Heartburst was born from the desire to empower purpose driven organisations in this digital era. Our story is one of partnership and a common alignment between individuals who share a passion to make a difference.

Thinking about your next digital project?