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Australia's Kentico developer for NFPs

Heartburst is one of the most experienced Kentico developers in Australia, specialising in nonprofit organisations. 

Kentico only awards Partner status to agencies with the most experience in the design and development Kentico websites. We have a full service team that can plan, design, and implement your Kentico project, then we can help you harness its powerful marketing features.

We are proud of the dozens of sites that we have developed using one of the world’s best CMS platforms and there are many reasons we believe you will love Kentico too.

We are Australia’s Kentico development experts for NFP. And we’d love to help you create an amazing website. 

Why We Recommend Kentico Xperience


A robust and secure shopping experience combined with flexible product management and comprehensive store reports

Content Management System

A highly customisable, easy CMS experience with full workflow capacity and direct on-site editing

Online Marketing

Automate marketing campaigns and personalise content based on user personas. Everything you need to test and deliver your next campaign


Kentico is built with integration in mind, it can be connected to your other business systems to create seamless processes across your organisation.

Case studies

Team members from our digital agency for nonprofits

We’d love to hear about your next project.