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Virtuous CRM - a platform for donor and donation management
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Virtuous CRM for Australian nonprofits

Heartburst Digital is honoured to be the first certified implementation partner for Virtuous CRM in Australia.

As experienced CRM consultants, we are committed to helping Australian charities achieve their organisational goals using robust CRM solutions. Virtuous CRM is a leading provider of fundraising software, dedicated to empowering nonprofits with cutting-edge tools and capabilities.

Virtuous CRM Dashboard

Virtuous CRM has an extensive set of tools designed to supercharge your fundraising efforts, boost donor connections, and keep those supporters coming back for more. Plus, with the magic of data-driven insights, is your secret weapon for fine-tuning your fundraising strategies and making an even bigger impact on your mission.

The benefits of Virtuous

Marketing & Email

Craft comprehensive, multi-channel campaigns to inspire donors and boost interaction.


Automate and streamline processes to reduce administrative workloads, allowing staff to concentrate on organisational tasks that have greater impact.

Online Donations

Build tailored online donation journeys that focus on the impact of every contribution.


Gain valuable insights to enhance donor retention and deepen engagement.

Volunteer Management

Effortlessly recruit and coordinate volunteers to meet critical mission needs, minus the administrative hassle.


Host tailored virtual, hybrid, or in-person events that drive engagement and donations.

Compatible with popular website content management systems such as WordPress, Virtuous seamlessly integrates, providing nonprofits with flexibility and adaptability across various web environments. This integration allows organisations to embed donation forms, event registrations, and other fundraising tools directly onto their websites, enhancing the donor experience and simplifying the donation process.

Furthermore, Virtuous provides an API for custom integration, enabling organisations with specific requirements to develop tailored solutions that align perfectly with their unique workflows and systems.

Extend the capabilities of Virtuous CRM further with additional integrations such as VOMO, a volunteer management integration, and RaiseDonors, a payment portal designed for streamlined donation collections.

Want to know more?

Heartburst employs a tried-and-tested approach to implementing CRM solutions for our clients, ensuring reliability and success every step of the way.

If you’re considering your next CRM project or want to delve deeper into Virtuous, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our project consulting team is ready to chat and provide insights tailored to your needs.

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