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Heartburst was born from the desire to empower purpose driven organisations in this digital era.

At a very early stage of its career Nick Dubé knew he wanted to use his natural talents and gifts in design in a way that was meaningful to the world. This deep motivation aligned naturally to the thousands of organisations that constitute our not-for-profit / charity sector, who strive every day to shape the future for the better. He realised that his contribution as designer could make a positive impact.

With all this in mind and armed with a MacBook Pro, he began to partner with non-for-profits to better tell their story online.

15 years later, the Heartburst philosophy is embedded into our team. Our stated purpose is to lever technology to help purpose-driven organisations maximise their positive impact on society.

The passion to give back and the drive to help others to succeed in their dream of making the world a better place, is our “heartburst”.

The journey begins

5 DEC 2005 Nick Dubé started his journey in the design business with a lot of passion, working from home, and putting his soul in the game, taking any work he could lay his hands on.

Building the team

2006–2008 Since the beginning, Dubé Creative (as Heartburst was first called) worked with purpose driven organisations focusing on every aspect of design — web, print, video production… This was then when the first part time employees — Joy Carrick & Ash Evenden — jumped in, helping Nick realise his creative…

Growing reputation

2009 As time went by, it was clear that there was a need to specialise. Dubé Creative’s expertise in the digital environment was growing exponentially, so it shifted to a purely web design focus. With this specialisation came strength and further recognition. The team doubled its size, moved to its…

A purpose

2010–2013 The season that followed was a hive of activity, with a contract that saw the business create web designs for over 80 not-for-profit associations. Association Online was a fast growing software product that enabled membership management for industry associations. Every Monday, we would start a design for a new association with…

In pursuit of your heartburst

2014 TA few years later, when Neil’s time at Association Online came to an end, it became clear that he and Heartburst could work together to become something bigger. A new mission was planted in Nick and Neil’s mind, to empower not-for-profit organisations with excellent online experiences that help advance…

A rollercoaster ride

2015–2016 During the first two years of the Heartburst era the work was incredibly successful. Their clientele doubled its size, growing from 50 to over 100 new clients. The team grew to 8, including a digital producer and front end developers. The number of projects running accelerated with sometimes 15…

An extraordinary partnership

2017–2018 It was during these challenging times when Lee Jones came into our story for the first time — and although he did not know yet, he was about to become part of the soul of HB — In the middle of an uncertain season he brought together two companies….

Strengthening the bond

2019‐PRESENT In a twist of fate, two years after the union of Day3 and Heartburst, Lee joined Heartburst/Day3 as General Manager, bringing on board new leadership to help the businesses to grow and improve. Not long after, a new project management system, led by Matt Emerson, was also brought to…