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Case study

Bears of Hope

Bears Of Hope provides much needed support for bereaved families who experience the loss of their baby. You may have heard of their famous teddy bears, which are donated in honour of stillborn or miscarried children.

The Challenge

Bears of Hope support grieving families by providing a network of care and support. Their previous website utilised an old legacy content management system (CMS) that hadn’t been technically updated in years. They were were limited in the content they could edit.

The design was heavily dated and not mobile optimised.  User experience needed updating with a new brand experience. The navigation system which had grown over time needed rationalising – it was hard to find anything!


The Solution

Prior to the website update, we consulted with Bears Of Hope and held a content strategy workshop making recommendations around the revised information architecture and content management system. 

We also developed an audience persona and user journey strategy. 

From the workshop we created a bespoke web design built on top of  WordPress CMS upgrading from the legacy CMS platform. We also integrated the website with the Kindful CRM and Shopify, closing the loop on donation/order processing for their admin team.


The Results

We were able to create a clearer, simpler user experience on the new mobile friendly website. By updating the brand experience as well, Bears Of Hope is now positioned as the excellent organisation they are. 

The BOH team are empowered to manage their own content after attending our training session, and Heartburst is proud to partner with them in their future online growth.


Team members from our digital agency for nonprofits

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