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E-commerce is constantly evolving and it is important that you stay on top of the best practices so you can improve your fundraising efforts. 

Today it is becoming harder to stay relevant and visible online. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure your online presence is fresh and performing well.

That is why we’ve put together 5 of the best ecommerce practices your organisation should apply to increase your engagement and donations online.

Why is it important

With more people than ever at home and engaging online, it’s important that your organisation isn’t left behind and under performing because of outdated sites and lack of social media presence. 

Your organisation’s online presence is crucial for success, you want people to leave your site feeling happy so they share it with their friends and family and continue to increase your visibility. Having a site that is up to date, interactive and displays interesting content will help your organisation to represent yourself and engage strongly with your audience.

Best practices

We believe the best ecommerce practices to apply to your organisation to help you increase engagement and donations are to apply thorough research to stay relevant, creating engaging content on your website and social media and continuing to apply regular updates so your users are drawn back in.

1. Research

Applying research, the best way to stay on top of trends and relevant topics for your audience is by constantly researching. You can do this by following organisations you think are interesting on social media and visiting their website. It is also important to keep an eye on people with a similar audience and look for what they do well so you know possible areas you need to improve.


2. Stay relevant

Staying relevant is becoming more challenging everyday but if you apply research it will help you to know how to engage with your audience effectively. Research will allow you to improve your content to draw your audience in and show that your organisation is informed about relevant issues and is active. 

To stay relevant it is also important to have fresh content on your website regularly and to stay active on your social media. This does not mean creating new content everyday you can share, comment, like or even add it to your stories to show your audience you care and support others.

3. Engaging Content

Creating engaging content online is the perfect way to connect with your audience to help increase the chance of them making a donation. After completing research you need to create images and videos that will draw your audience in and connect with them emotionally to inform them about your organisation and what you do. Make sure you don’t overlook the little things you want your website to shine and for the user experience to be perfect. 

Having a beautiful website with a user friendly donation form and constant engaging content and social media that supports this with links within posts will help improve your fundraising efforts and audience reach.

4. Social Media

Today your organisation will be left behind if it doesn’t have an active social media presence. With most people still stuck at home they are spending more and more time scrolling on their mobile devices so it is crucial for your organisation’s success that you are visible on social platforms.

Make sure when creating social accounts have a link to your website and your website displays a link to your socials. You should also display a link to your donation platform on your social accounts and within content. This will help users to as they will have easy access which will give them a better user experience.

5. Apply regular updates

Applying the practices is one part but making sure you regularly update your website so it remains on trend, engaging and user friendly is the best way to ensure your non profit stays visible to increase donations. 

Make sure you are constantly tracking your website and social media performance so you can use that data to make improvements to ensure it continues to help you drive donations.

If you need help or want to know more about how you can improve your website contact us today!


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