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Heartburst partners with Virtuous CRM

Virtuous CRM platform for Australian nonprofits

Heartburst Digital are proud to be Australia’s first certified implementation partner, bringing the Virtuous CRM to Aussie nonprofits.

We are pleased to announce that we’re now a certified implementation partner for Virtuous CRM. As CRM consultants, we love helping local charities achieve organisational goals with an effective CRM solution. The Virtuous CRM fundraising platform is a game changer! is a leading provider of fundraising software designed to empower nonprofit organisations.

Virtuous is a CRM for Australian nonprofits

The Virtuous platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline fundraising efforts, enhance donor engagement, and maximise donor retention. Virtuous enables nonprofits to build stronger relationships with donors, personalise communications, and track fundraising performance effectively. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights and automation, helps nonprofits optimise their fundraising strategies and achieve greater impact in their mission. 

Who is the company behind Virtuous and where are they located?

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Virtuous CRM is powered by Virtuous Software, a company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for nonprofits. The company was founded in 2014 and has experienced strong growth, fueled by multiple rounds of venture capital investment. They are an established and reliable option for nonprofits.

What are the key features of Virtuous?

Using automated workflows and email marketing, Virtuous allows organisations to target and engage donors based on their giving behaviours and preferences. Leveraging these marketing automation tools, nonprofits can streamline their outreach efforts and deliver personalised communications to donors seamlessly. 

It excels in business process automation, empowering nonprofits to automate repetitive tasks and workflows… saving time and resources. 

Virtuous CRM Dashboard

What are the key benefits of Virtuous for Australian nonprofits?

The intuitive user interface enables nonprofits to utilise advanced functions without the need for extensive technical expertise or coding knowledge. 

The CRM offers various plans at a mid-tier price, making it accessible for most charities to utilise a robust CRM solution without exceeding their budget. 

What platforms integrate with Virtuous?

With Virtuous CRM’s platform integration capabilities and API support, nonprofits can leverage their existing web infrastructure while maximising the effectiveness of their fundraising efforts.

Virtuous works seamlessly alongside website content management systems, like WordPress, providing nonprofits with flexibility and compatibility across different web environments. Organisations can seamlessly embed donation forms, event registrations, and other fundraising tools directly onto their websites, enhancing the donor experience and streamlining the donation process. Additionally, Virtuous provides an API (Application Programming Interface) for custom integration, enabling organisations with specific requirements to develop tailored solutions that align with their unique workflows and systems. 

Virtuous can easily be extended using other Virtuous integrations ‘VOMO’ (a volunteer management integration) and RaiseDonors (a payment portal for simplified donation collections). 

Heartburst’s partnership with Virtuous 

Over the last few years Heartburst collaborated closely with Virtuous CRM, successfully implementing the platform for multiple clients and delivering exceptional results. With demonstrated expertise in leveraging Virtuous CRM to address the unique needs of nonprofit organisations, Heartburst was recognised as a trusted partner. We proactively pursued partner training and certification, to further hone our skills and deepen our understanding of Virtuous CRM’s capabilities. Now, as a Certified Partner, we continue empowering nonprofits across Australia with a cutting-edge CRM solution. 

How does having a local partner benefit Australian nonprofits?

We all understand the challenges (and wait times involved) when you are liaising with consultants across various time zones. Heartburst provide local support that is readily accessible and responsive, ensuring timely assistance and troubleshooting when needed. We also possess in-depth knowledge of Australian systems and regulations. This allows us to navigate complexities efficiently and ensure compliance with local laws. Having a local CRM consultant not only provides practical support but also offers a deeper understanding of the local landscape, ultimately empowering nonprofits to thrive in their mission-driven endeavours.

What’s involved in implementing Virtuous?

Heartburst uses a proven and reliable method for implementing CRM solutions for our clients.

  1. Discovery and planning workshop
  2. Identify processes that EXIST
  3. Design processes to IMPLEMENT
  4. Impact analysis and change planning
  5. CRM configuration
  6. Role-based training
  7. Data migration
  8. Go live + ongoing support

Get in touch if you would like to chat with our project consulting team about your next CRM Project or if you would like to learn more about  Virtuous.

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