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Case study

Epilepsy Foundation

The Epilepsy Foundation is a knowledge based organisation dedicated to providing resources and training for families and patients of epilepsy.

The Challenge

The challenge was being able to effectively communicate the Epilepsy Foundation’s huge amount of content that needed to be present on their website. The old website had little branding assets and needed modernising with stronger architecture to make their knowledge base more effective and useful. They also needed a better configuration of WordPress, and an updated mobile friendly design with better accessibility.


The Solution

Heartburst carried out an extended design consultation with key stakeholders, a unique Heartburst offering, and worked closely with the core team on the design process. We captured multiple levels of information and created strong navigation to effectively deliver a complex menu. We were also able to provide CMS training to content editors so that they could administer vast amounts of data.


The Result

As a result, The Epilepsy Foundation now have a streamlined user experience that provides easy access to a wide range of content. They also have an easier WordPress configuration that helps to make use of the advanced content editing.


Team members from our digital agency for nonprofits

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