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Case study

CAP Discovery Workshop

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a national organisation dedicated to helping people in difficult financial circumstances escape the impact and bondage of debt. CAP offers their services without cost to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

The Challenge

CAP had recently completed a marketing planning process with an alternate supplier, but was left lacking clarity about how to progress with their marketing strategy, particularly their web service offering.

CAP were looking for guidance on how to plan and develop their website in a way that aligned with their overall business and marketing strategies. They also needed absolute clarity on how to proceed and get a great outcome.


Our Solution

Heartburst deployed their standard workshop process which, in a single day, covered every aspect of CAP’s needs around the new website – personae, prioritised user stories, user journeys, site maps, detailed cost estimates to build, and a realistic schedule to build.  

The workshop took in all stakeholder groups from CAP and gained full team buy in to the new site. Including some energetic facilitation from the Heartburst consultant. It was a bunch of fun!


The Results

Through the workshop process CAP gained the clarity they were seeking. The process to move from the current website to a new site are clear, agreed, and fully costed.

Moreover, CAP are inspired and excited about what the new site can do to increase awareness around their services to their target market, increase their recognition and support among the church community, and drive increased donations to support their highly impactful work.


Team members from our digital agency for nonprofits

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