Kentico Site of the Year - Just One Day

By Heartburst Digital, 10 February 2016

Heartburst is pleased to announce that Just One Day has been shortlisted for Kentico Site of the Year 2015, in the not-for-profit organisations category. We have some tough competition though, listed alongside Red Cross Canada and UNICEF Australia.


Support the Just One Day campaign (An initiative of International Needs Australia), by registering to "Live simply for just one day to keep poor kids in school"

And of course... vote for Heartburst! You can vote for winners via Kentico Site of the Year 2015. Voting closes March 9.




Congratulations Just One Day!

Just One Day is a new fundraising campaign from the humanitarian development organisation International Needs Australia.

The initiative is aimed at primary school students in Australia, the goals of the website being to promote this new event and to collect funds raised online.  

Because the participants are mostly children, cash is collected offline using a receipt book.  The challenge was providing a facility to submit those funds via the website. Heartburst’s solution was to use the donation features in Kentico’s E-commerce solution to collect additional data such as “receipt book number,” and “participant name,” via the checkout.

The campaign has received a fantastic response, with over 5000 students already registered to participate in the program in April 2016.  With this many participants, International Needs Australia are on track to meet their fundraising goal!


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