Many non-profit, charities and non government organisations need to provide information destined to a very specific audience, whether they are staff, volunteers or supporters. At Heartburst we have delivered a number of membership and subscription solutions utilising the MemberPress plugin.

MemberPress works with any WordPress theme, and its primary features enable memberships, subscription management and key associated marketing capabilities. By providing specific content through membership-based access you can give extra value to your supporters.

  • Control access to content

    Control access to content

    MemberPress gives you control over the content your users can see, depending on the membership level they are subscribed to. 

  • Manage subscriptions seamlessly

    Manage subscriptions seamlessly

    MemberPress gives you the ability to create, update and manage subscriptions directly from your website. You can manage paid subscriptions as well, using the integrated automated billing system and payment gateways. 

  • Create premium forums

    Create premium forums

    You can provide a safe space for your community to interact, share opinions and exchange information.  Build your own password protected community with MemberPress.

  • Easily manage your content

    Easily manage your content

    Timely release your content, grant content access with expiry dates, temporarily restrict content, any features you need and expect to manage your only members content.

  • Generate clear reporting

    Generate clear reporting

    With MemberPress you will be able to generate relevant reports based on all the information you need to be updated on how your membership programs are performing.



We work with amazing organisations

  • The Smith Family
  • Epilepsy Foundation
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • JDRF
  • Landcare Tasmania
  • Orygen
  • VCS Foundation
  • Haemophilia Foundation Australia
  • Collective Shout
  • CAP - Christians Against Poverty
  • Family Life
  • TEAR Australia

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