Discovery Workshop Sessions

Heartburst is offering an exciting facilitated workshop to help you identify, address and overcome any significant obstacles you are facing in your organisation’s digital marketing, donations or communication areas.
Discover how to overcome challenges
Some of the challenges or pain points that we have helped organisations identify and solve have included:
     • Improving strategy, innovation and brand awareness
     • Improve user experience (UX) to engage and retain supporters
     • Improving SEO ranking
     • Maximising supporter acquisition
     • Increasing online donations, improving fundraising and customer experience
     • Increasing lead generation through digital channels
Discover how to improve your online presence
Working within your timeline and budget, we devise a plan with your team to find the best way of improving your online and digital presence.

Our Workshops include:
     • Meeting with key team members
     • Troubleshooting and identifying ‘pain points’
     • Strategic planning and future development
     • Digital channel assessment and improvement
     • User journey mapping to identify user personas and discover blockages in user flow

Heartburst Digital exists to provide great solutions for your organisation. Contact us now to discuss your next Discovery Workshop Session!