Public service learning hub


Web development of a knowledge hub page.

Integration of a suitable LMS (Learning management system) into the Knowledge Hub with the use of a high-security system. 

Technology used

Wordpress, Leardnash, Design and UX/UI, Accessibility, Ripple, Microsoft azure active directory

Public service learning hub - Desktop Web Design
Public service learning hub Tablet Web Design
Public service learning hub Smart Phone Web Design


The project itself was created in the context of the Covid-19 crisis and the need for a new learning hub for training healthcare staff in Covid-related practices and maintaining training records.  The hub was to include news and updates on the software itself, and learnings on a new way of recording related healthcare outcomes. 

When our client first approached us it was a website development project only, however it evolved to a more sophisticated piece of work. We were tasked with the creation of a learning hub within this newly created website, all of it built with a high-security profile.

This project had to be developed fully using the Ripple design system -  This is a AAA accessible system, which provides a special design for people with physical impairments such as colour blindness or auditive impediments. It offers visual aids, screen reader aids and clear information for where users are on a page and what to do next, among others.  



This project presented the team with many challenges due to the complexity of the request.   

It required multiple feature integration, and work in an engaging, interactive, and functional way. 

The content was to be created and updated regularly by non-developers, and users that have had little contact with web design systems. It was critical to provide a solution possible to execute at their end without the help of professional developers or web designers while providing the best user experience possible.  All of this within the context of a highly-secured page system.  



Challenge 1. The learning hub

The learning hub had to be personalized for each user,  be mobile friendly and show the detailed progress of each user. At the same time, our client had to upload and update frequently the content, so it had to be easy to execute while giving a great user experience. 


Development of a personalised learning Hub with the combination of the Learndash plugin and Adobe Captivate software, configured to support the documented user journey.

With Learndash plugin tools we were able to design a modular system based on type of users, improving the user experience and allowing a more accurate learning.   Each progress was tracked individually and the quizzes and evaluation forms were assigned based on the learning.   

The learning solutions were composed of videos, manuals and summaries; to add additional interactivity we combined the learndash solution with  Adobe Captivate Software. This tool complemented the learndash system with additional features that increase interactivity and engagement. 

After the setup of the system, our team of experts provided training on usage of the system, upload of the material, as well as information on how to maximise the usage of the learn hub. 


Challenge 2. High-security profile

The page had to provide a high level of security with a single sign-on page, while being intuitive and providing a great user experience .


Since this site was for nurses and personnel only and it had to be secured, we developed a secure system via a login screen, with an integrated single sign-on. Each user would have their own single login details to access the learning hub.

This system was possible using the Microsoft Azure active directory integration with WordPress. This system provides the highest login security while keeping the best usability and experience for the users. 

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