The Generous platform empowers charities and not-for-profit organisations with online fundraising tools that leverage technology to increase impact.

The Generous platform allows charities and not-for-profit organisations to capture their donations with online fundraising tools. Generous provides an optimised user experience for donors when making a donation, and helpful donor management insights to help organisations to increase their impact. 

Generous allows organisations to create an onbrand online donation form that is easy to use and provides multiple payment methods for donors to choose from when making a donation. Organisations also have insights that break down their fundraising efforts so they can easily see each individual campaign's performance.  Generous also provides integrations with finance systems and payment gateways that many charities already use, saving them lots of time.  

The Challenge

The Generous website was an internal project as it is our sister company which meant it was sometimes a challenge, as past internal projects we have done weren’t always prioritised or focused on as much as our external clients. Therefore with this project we decided to dedicate more time into the discovery workshop in order to create a disciplined strategy to ensure the website was a great success. 

The website didn’t require a lot of pages but it had to be informative and well structured to guarantee it reached its target audience. We needed to conduct persona analysis to form a better understanding of Generous’ target audience in order to create a sitemap that met each of their wants and needs. Most importantly the Generous website needed to showcase to charities and not-for-profits how the platform would be beneficial for them.

The Solution

We provided the same service that we would an external client to our internal team and stakeholders by starting with a discovery workshop which allowed us to identify all the goals and metrics we hoped to achieve. We created detailed personas that broke down their needs, challenges, barriers and what was top of their mind when considering a fundraising platform. 

After we had a solid understanding of their unique needs we were able to identify the “things to be done” for each of the personas, with user stories to translate that into a detailed sitemap. For example we created a short video to feature on the website to attract time-poor Executive Directors, as we identified they need a quick rundown of the platform so they can make a decision if it is a right fit for their organisation. 

In the end we created an MVP (minimum viable product) website that showed exactly what each individual persona wanted and needed without having to display multiple pages. Instead each page was focused to show as much important and relevant information about the platform's features, functionality and pricing to provide a positive and effective user experience for each persona. 

The Results

We were very pleased with the result as we were able to launch a beautiful and colourful website that was onbrand and represented a new phase for Generous. 

The website is focussed, informative and well structured allowing existing Generous clients to navigate the website easily and for potential new clients to see how the Generous platform could be beneficial for them and help increase their impact. 

Please check out the Generous website at 

We loved working on the Generous website as there was a lot of room for creativity as it was an internal project so we got to work together as a team! 

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