The reasons why we love working with NFPs

By Laura Represa, 10 March 2021

Since the beginning of our journey as a company, Heartburst’s work has always been linked to NFPs and charities. With time it became the one and only focus and since then we have improved and specialised in the way we work with NFPs. 

There are many reasons why we love working on this sector, and we thought we would share it with you!

1 - They are passionate about what they do

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Each of our clients and prospects believe in what they do.  They believe not just in the value of what they do, but the inherent worth of bringing dignity and value to all humans.  We love to  bring solutions around how to achieve their vision.  Offering options and finding the best solution for them is almost as satisfying as completing the project itself. 

As happens in all industries not every conversation translates into a commissioned project, but unlike other industries we have worked in, even when the project is not commissioned we leave the room feeling replenished and satisfied that we have nonetheless contributed towards a great goal. 

2 - They are used to work hard towards their goals 

When one is used to working against all odds they know what working hard is. NFPs are committed to their cause and put on whatever is needed. We know we can count on them to be available, to understand commitment and to be responsive when we need them in the course of the project. 

This responsiveness leads to a really high level of effectiveness that makes us stay on our toes to ensure our highest performance and be up to their standards.  When your client is investing so much you know you cannot let them down, and we know our team is as invested as our clients themselves. 

3 - They add value to society 

The justification of both points above comes from the nature of their work. Not all NFPs are charities, but all NFPs are committed to society and to making a positive impact. From research, to poverty fighting or education, every NFP is working towards a higher end, and a greater and more positive impact. 


Is precisely this reason that fuels our clients will. Their purpose is not economic nor recognition, their objective is to help others, and this type of objective is so novel and true that it inexhaustible.  Knowing that work well done will serve a noble cause that adds value to society is a very powerful motivator. 

And yes, it might seem a bit presumptuous to say they add value to society, but the reality is they do. They make the world a better place, they bring hope and optimism, and make people's lives better. 

4 - They give voice to those without agency  

There is another thing NFPs have in common that comes from the nature of their work. Evey NFP is working towards giving voice and visibility to the disempowered, under-represented or marginalised. The work of NFP opens the conversation to sensitive topics that otherwise we may not be talking about. And we love that we are part of this by creating the best performing websites whose design and performance bring maximum visibility. 

We are firm believers in purpose and greater good, and we love that our work helps giving voice to those that need it most. It is not only the less fortunate, it is also those who are a minority, those who are rejected. 


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5 - Their passion and drive is infectious

It is probably very obvious at this point that we love what our clients do and how they do it. And it is in fact their passion that gets into us, it nourishes us and makes us want to give the very best of ourselves. 

Their passion and energy gets into us and makes us go to the extra mile to help them. We do our best to help them, so they can be their best when helping society. 

6 - And last but not least ... Coffee 

Yes, we are guilty! We love coffee and well...working with NFPs will ensure us loads and loads of coffee, and we love it! 

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We love working with non profits, and at the end of the day we know that our energy and purpose is helping others do good, and that gives us a sense of belonging to the community and makes us proud. 

We are really grateful for all the NFPs and charities that put their faith repeatedly in us, and for those who take the first step and trust us! 

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