What CSI Taught Us About Google Analytics

By Heartburst Digital, 17 June 2019

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was one of the most popular TV shows in the early 2000’s. If you were one of it’s viewers you would know that the basic equation for every episode was a pretty graphic crime scene complete with dead body, lots of blood and the ridiculously good looking forensic detectives, that in real life probably wouldn’t be as easy on the eyes.

Here a team of detectives would analyse a crime scene that would ultimately lead them to the killer. There would always be a series of twists and turns and unexpected results due to their intrinsic investigation.

What made CSI a major television hit, was that it broke away from the usual ‘who done it’, to form an intelligent, evidence based crime drama. They based their success on the belief that ‘evidence tells the truth’ and drove the message home that any problem can be solved with the right analysis, (usually in an hour).

While CSI was a superficial television show based very loosely on forensic analysis, the takeaway is that with the right analysis in our organisations we can really focus and target our ad campaigns and marketing exactly where it needs to go.

While our website visitors and potential donors are hopefully not a part of a crime scene, determining the buying and donation patterns of visitors can make a very big difference to how you market your brand.

Uncover The Evidence

This is where Google Analytics comes into play. Gone are the days of having to rely on guesstimates or sending out volumes of marketing material to see who takes the bait.

The word analytics can freak some of us out who aren’t necessarily wired on the analytical side of our brain. If you are a logical, intuitive thinker the thought of analytics really floats your boat. You are probably already salivating at the thought of graphs and figures.

For those of us who are more creatively wired the thought of analytics breaks us into a cold sweat, and we slink away, hoping we can leave it up to the ‘analytical professionals’.

But if you break down Google Analytics it is simply this:
  • A report to see who is visiting your website.
  • What are the pages on your site people are visiting.
  • How long are visitors staying on your site.
  • How your visitors found your website
What do they do after visiting your website?
  • Do they return?
  • Do they engage with your product or service while they are on your site?
  • What pages on your website creates the most interest?
It involves having a Google Analytic account which, by the way, is free! Google will give you a special tracking code that you can place on the back end of your website. Placing the code into every page will ensure that each of your pages are tracked and can deliver to you the information you want.

Don’t Be Blindsided

In today’s world there is no excuse for not knowing what happens in and through your website. Everything can be calculated and processed right down to the IP address and colour of socks your visitors wear.

As technology increases so does the ability to know the buying, donating, and thought patterns of your audience. Without this valuable information you are somewhat blindsided. You can’t see where your website could be making fatal mistakes or if your donation page is really drawing your donors in or pushing them away.

When you add Google Analytics to your individual website pages you turn on all the lights. You can see who is donating, what they have donated, the pages that interested them on your site, the time they spent there, and how many times they returned to your site over a time period.

Everything can be measured!

Decision Making

By tracking the habits of your website visitors you are informed and can be strategic in your marketing.

You can determine where to target your ads and social media and strategically market your organisation to the world.  Knowing you have made an informed decision, you can be confident on the direction of your future marketing campaigns.

It will also mean that you will save money for your online advertising budget because you will only be focused on the more qualified audiences who resonate with your cause.

Optimising Your Traffic Channels

Optimisation is the art of making something as effective as possible by making a product or service better.

Optimising your targeted campaigns and measuring what makes your audience respond is a gift for most organisations. By marrying up your Google Analytics to your Google Ads, you can increase the information available to you by using ad campaigns to track how your donors are responding.

Additionally, connecting all of your social media links to your website and measuring how campaigns interact through these channels will in turn make your marketing reports very precise.

Optimising doesn’t just stop at making great ad campaigns. Identifying conversion paths and developing the overall user experience of your website is all a part of how Google Analytics identifies the needs of your visitors.

Get Started

At Heartburst we specialise in analytics and can run a health check on your website and either implement Google Analytics or help to train you to effectively optimise and strategise all of your channels.

So don’t tiptoe around your organisations facts and figures any longer. Let us help you to analyse the health and wealth of your website by getting to the core of what makes your visitors tick.

Let Google Analytics make a huge difference to how your organisation targets and markets. Contact Us Today!

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