Tips on how to broaden your audience

By Heartburst Digital, 15 September 2021

Broadening your donor audience is difficult, and sometimes unrewarding with first donations often being small. But after a donation is made to your organisation that is just the beginning, recurring donors have to start somewhere. Building a strategy to help expand your audience will only increase donations and potential recurring donors so take the time to make sure your organisation stands out. 

With many organisations working hard to get new donors' attention you need a strategy to outshine the rest and make people want to spend a minute reading about your organisation. Don’t worry if it takes time before likes, comments or shares turn into donations. If you post reminders to your audience and keep them engaged in your content they will be pushed to make a donation.  


So to get you started we’ve put together some of our top tips for how you can expand your audience to create new donors.

Why is it important

Broadening your audience is so important because small donations add up, every new donor counts in achieving your organisation goals. So don’t lose potential donations by not targeting new communities. Major donors also have to start somewhere so treat your new donors well and they may become some of your biggest supporters. 

Expanding your audience reach is only beneficial for your organisation, as it will set a foundation for new community bonds that will sustain your organisation until you can start securing regular gifts by building a strong relationship. Creating multiple communities will also help spread the word about your organisation, so soon everyone will have at least heard about you and will keep you in mind when considering making a donation. 

Where to start?

To get started you need to research your audience, find out where they hang out? Are some using platforms like Facebook or Instagram more than they might read their emails? Once you have found out where they congregate, start to develop an idea of what other interests or passions they might have and start developing content that will peak their interest. It is also a good idea to follow relevant pages that your audience likes, so you can show your support. Allowing your donors to see you have similar values will help push them to your channels. 

Make sure if you are targeting multiple audiences that you research them all to ensure you are not mistargeting your information. When trying to display similar interests and content make sure you do your research so you don’t share anything that might contradict your organisation's values, with so much content out there these days it is a simple mistake to make. 


After you have conducted thorough research you now need to start developing interesting content that targets your audiences where they congregate. Make sure when you start creating content that you stay relevant with regular posts that people engage with, try to build hype and excitement so people can’t help but click on your content. Once you have created an audience, encourage them to share your content and always leave a good impression so if they don’t share your content online they might via word of mouth.

1. Develop interesting content

After you know your audience's interests you should be able to get inspiration for content you can create that will engage your audience. Your content should include important information but in a variety of different ways, including videos, images and links so it is interesting and isn’t scrolled past. To develop content that is interesting you must connect with your audience by using storytelling, tell them why you do what you do, appeal to their emotions so they want to make a donation.


Developing constant interesting content is time-consuming and hard work so when you can’t think of something to post, show your support by liking, commenting or sharing other peoples posts. Share posts with common values and interests to your audience so your organisation can show your care about others in the community as well as relevant issues. You should also share donors' donations posts to show your appreciation and that you have an active online presence to encourage other people to engage with you as well.

2. Stay on top

Stay on top of your content, make sure you have regular stuff going on and you create different things so your audience remains engaged. Try to plan ahead so you don’t get overloaded and miss deadlines, use a calendar and try to keep a few weeks ahead. If you are strapped for time, post something lighthearted and funny, more often than not some of the simplest posts can be the most successful. As long as you plan ahead so you have relevant and regular content with different hashtags, you will be able to broaden your audience and increase giving. 

3. Build Hype

People are attracted to excitement, that is why when campaigning, building hype is a fantastic way to increase the chance of people reading more. Countdowns to big announcements, draw people in, they want to see what all the fuss is about. So if you have a big campaign set a deadline so people get regular notifications as you countdown days and are driven to click. Using live videos for big announcements and events can also create hype as anyone who follows you will get a notification that you are live and won’t be able to help checking in.

To further build hype, consider running a competition, asking people to like, comment and share a post to increase your reach and keep people engaged until you announce the winner. If you are still struggling to reach a particular audience, connect with them through someone else. Appeal to an influencer that represents your values and ask if they would like to share some of your organisation's work or get involved in the cause.


4. Ask your donors to share

Once you have started to build your audience, ask your donors to share your content to help broaden your audience. An easy way to do this is by starting a competition so new people like, comment, share and follow your organisation. After you have gotten their attention, keep uploading powerful content that mirrors their values and interests, so they can’t help but share your content with a sense of pride for helping people hear about the amazing work you do. 

It is also a good idea if you are using a giving form that you enable social sharing, this will allow donors to share when they have made a donation to their social accounts. This will broaden your reach to their friends and family, who will be interested in your organisation because they know someone who has made a donation.

5. Leave a good impression

All these tips will go to waste if you don’t leave your audience with a good impression, make sure they always go above and beyond to connect with them. Make sure to thank them well for donations or shout outs so they know they are appreciated and that your organisation values any help. A good reputation is hard to build but can be destroyed easily, so make sure you monitor everything you do online and respond to people quickly and efficiently. Being active online and showing that you care about your community is important, remember that everything you do online represents your organisation so always leave a good impression so people only say good things when talking about your organisation to new people.


There are many different ways to help broaden your donor audience and increase donations but these tips will help you get started. But make sure you always evaluate if your marketing strategy is working, so you can alter it to achieve your desired outcome. 

Do you want to know more about how to broaden your audience, let us know how we can help.



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