Tips on how your organisation can make the most out of Giving Tuesday

By Heartburst Digital, 3 November 2021

With only a few weeks until Giving Tuesday if you haven’t started your strategy yet, don’t worry there is still time! 

We have put together everything you need to know about Giving Tuesday and some tips to help get your marketing strategy started so you can make the most out of your fundraising efforts this year!


What is it about?

Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to inspiring Australians to give back to the organisations that are making a huge difference to people's lives. This special day provides a unique opportunity for organisations to encourage new donations, no matter the size. Money isn’t the only donation organisations ask for, some may request goods or even volunteer services. Anything people can contribute to Giving Tuesday is appreciated in helping Australian Non for profits continue to do the important work they do. 

Why is it important?

Giving Tuesday is important because it kicks starts the holiday charitable season, traditionally this was started in America on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It has now been adopted by many countries who have carried on the tradition including Australia. Giving Tuesday is a day for organisations to connect with communities through innovative campaigns to raise money, start a conversation or to volunteer to help impact their community. According to Fundraising and Philanthropy, “More than a third of participants counted a rise in giving, most of it from new supporters.” making it a crucial day for organisations who want to increase their reach and secure new donors. 

Getting involved in Giving Tuesday is a fantastic way to gain a new audience and donors, if you try your best to stand out from the crowd. With many organisations now participating in the Giving Tuesday the hashtag, logo and branding is now extremely popular and attracts many supporters to new causes they haven’t heard of before. Therefore if you create an effective strategy people will not be able to scroll past without hearing what your organisation has to say.

How you can make the most out of it

Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for organisations that cannot be missed, so here are some tips to consider when making your marketing strategy to help improve your campaigns success.
  • Plan ahead  

Ensuring your Giving Tuesday marketing strategy is a success takes time, you can’t throw something together last minute, you need to do your research. If you want to target a new audience you need to do your research to learn where they hang out and what their interests are so you can better reach and engage with them. Giving yourself enough time to do research will allow you to better connect with your audience so they actually pause and read about your cause and make a small donation and don't scroll past.

If you are organised and plan ahead you can truly maximise your Giving Tuesday efforts as you will be able to run multiple different campaign ads to target different audiences pushing new people to make their first small donation. If you don’t have time to properly connect with multiple audiences with innovative campaign ads, just stick with one, don't try and smash out heaps of campaign ads without innovative content or proper research you are wasting time and money. You want to engage with a new audience so always put your best foot forward and spend time working on your strategy well before the day to ensure it reaches your goals. 


  • Target new donors

Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to expand your audiences and push people to make their first gift to your organisation. Fundraising and Philanthropy claimed that “63% of campaigns were involved in fundraising, but 43% involved volunteering, 31% involved advocacy and 22% involved donated goods”. Meaning every organisation has a different approach to what they are asking people to donate on Giving Tuesday, but the aim is still the same to get new people to donate. When reaching out to new audiences try to remind everyone in your messaging all donations are appreciated no matter how big or small so people don’t feel pressured to make a big contribution, remember small gifts add up and can always become recurring gifts in the future. Try to reinforce that message by doing shoutouts to donors who have shared their donation on social media and say thankyou. 

One of the hardest people to target to make new donations is definitely millennials as not a lot of them don’t have spare change or organisations struggle to appeal to them. But Giving Tuesday is already a popular platform so create a fresh ad that is engaging and include the hashtag to help it trend. Also don't forget to encourage others to share their contribution on their preferred social media platform, as millennials love spreading things that interest them to their family and friends. But make sure you are monitoring when donors share their donations. You can do a shoutout and say thank you to show your appreciation and encourage others to share their donations.

  • Social Media

Social Media is a powerful platform that is perfect to gain attention for your organisations as your Giving Tuesday message will already trend just with the use of a hashtag. The hard part is standing out, the best way to shine a light on your organistion is to be your authentic self. Nothing is more powerful than sharing a truthful message about what your organisation does through real people's stories. Make sure your message is powerful and has an emotional appeal so people feel obligated to share the content. Ensure that every message you push across your social media channels includes a link to your donation page and that the link works well and loads quickly and easily. Allowing your audience to have the best user experience possible when making their first donation to your organisation.


  • Engaging content

To truly stand out from the crowd for your Giving Tuesday campaign you will need to have not only an innovative idea but engaging content. You will need to include captivating videos and inspiring images so people can’t help but pause to take a look at your post. The best way to engage new donors to your cause is by ensuring your content inspires people to care about the work that you do, and make heartfelt calls to action. Explaining why your mission is crucial and the difference you are making will connect with your audience emotionally and push them to want to help, so include a link to direct them smoothly to the donation page. Make sure you also have regular content as well, make sure during the weeks coming up to Giving Tuesday you are hying up and informing your audience. 

  • Thank your donors

Giving Tuesday provides an excellent opportunity to gain new donors but if you thank them well you can start building a relationship with them so they consider becoming regular donors. Make sure you personalise your thank yous to show your appreciation even for small gifts, building a sincere positive relationship will help you secure future donations so take the time to make sure your donors know how much their gift means to your organisation. Try to include either a video with a special message or an image to show your donors how you use their donations to make a big difference to people’s lives. The better you explain the impact their donation makes the more pride they will feel about making a difference and will want to continue helping your organisation achieve your goals. 


Giving Tuesday is a fantastic way for your organisation to gain new supporters, so make sure you start planning your marketing strategy now. The best strategies that have the most impact are well researched and thought out and as innovative as possible so they stand out above the rest and reach their desired goals.


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