Kentico awards Victoria Healthcare Products

By Heartburst Digital, 29 January 2015

Being relatively new amongst Kentico's 1,100 partners, we were delighted to be advised that our new website & online store for Victoria Healthcare Products (VHP) was selected in the Kentico 'Top 10' Sites for December 2014, from the world wide Partner network. 

VHP has been a client of Heartburst Digital (formerly Dubé Creative) since 2007.

Victorian Healthcare Products had been steadily increasing their online sales of incontinence products, complementing their retail store sales. The new website project built on Kentico aims to accelerate the growth of online sales, incorporate responsive designs for mobile devices and position the business as an industry expert with advice and resources, not just a store.

Project deployment involved the migration of over a thousand products across hundreds of categories using product imports. Kentico 8 has allowed VHP to simplify the product offering using variants and options. This simplification, combined with the Kentico 8 checkout process, has resulted is a greatly improved shopping experience.


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