How To Future-Proof Your Website

By Heartburst Digital, 14 November 2019

Adobe announced a while back that they are discontinuing their web platform - Business Catalyst. Adobe will stop hosting all existing sites on Business Catalyst on March 26th, 2021.

There are over 75,000 websites across the world that are built on this system. If they don’t migrate away from Business Catalyst before the cut-off date they will lose everything. This includes their online presence and all the data that is associated with it. 

While it isn’t new news, it’s still bad news because many organisations aren’t prepared for an event like this. They think that as long as they pay their monthly subscriptions it will just keep on running. 

The internet unfortunately doesn't work that way. Change is the only constant. Platforms like Business Catalyst are born and die all the time. Most platforms that die just aren’t this big.

If you are an Adobe Business Catalyst customer or on another platform thinking about switching, we recommend you consider the following before migrating onto your next web iteration.

Past & Future Development = Future Proofing

Look at the future development of the platform. Do they have a roadmap ahead? What does the development roadmap look like for the last twelve months? 

A healthy growing web platform will leave clues about future in this roadmap. But don’t just just look ahead. Look at the past improvements too. They also form part of whether the platform has a healthy future or not. 

Matching Or Improvement In Functionality

Any web platform you migrate to must do what you already do. Some of the processes may slightly change on how you do what you do (mostly on the backend).


Migrating is the perfect moment to review your website design. Does it look current? Some website designs can have quite a long shelf-life. Others don’t. Ask yourself the question, is the design of our website a true reflection of who we are right now?

It may be that you don’t need a wholesale redesign, but a more subtle and minor update. For example gradients in colours and sliders used to be what everyone used, now flat colour and parallax scrolling is. 


Websites are not static ‘set and forget’ pieces of marketing collateral. They are constantly evolving and changing in content, design and even in the more fundamental issues like platforms. Many Adobe Business Catalyst customers may be disappointed to move to another platform, but they should use it as an opportunity rather than a setback. 

If you need help migrating from Adobe Business Catalyst or another web platform, talk to our team at Heartburst for some great solutions.

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