Dubé Creative is now Heartburst Digital

By Heartburst Digital, 1 March 2014


From March 3, 2014 Dubé Creative has become Heartburst Digital.

A ‘Heartburst’ is what drives many of us - to start an organisation or a business, or to get involved in a worthwhile cause. A heartburst motivates us to do our best in every challenge we face. We’ve adopted this name because we're passionate about the work we do and want to help those we work with pursue their very own heartburst.

Our vision for Heartburst Digital is an agency providing Web Design, Development and Support together with Consultancy and Digital Marketing Services.


Introducing Neil Evenden, Business & Strategy Director

Neil is partnering with Nick Dubé, existing director, to provide senior management moving forward.  We’re elated to have Neil join us. He brings a wealth of experience with his previous role being General Manager at web application development company IVT.  Prior to this, Neil has held various senior management roles.

Nick Dubé, Creative Director & Founder

Nick will continue in his management role within the business, with Neil’s assistance allowing him to focus more time on mobilising the Heartburst team to deliver awesome digital solutions for our clients. Nick and Neil have been working closely on many web design projects for more than a decade and are now creating a formidable leadership team for Heartburst Digital.

We are fully committed to the ongoing support of our Dubé Creative clients and look forward to working with you as Heartburst Digital.

(updated January 2015)


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