2021 Digital marketing trends for NFPs

By Laura Represa, 3 February 2021

We have said goodbye to 2020, and we are not unhappy to see it gone! And as we do so, we reflect on everything we have learnt from that challenging year. In many aspects of our lives we have been forced to shift to digital  - digital offices,  digital meetings, digital campaigns… so let’s look at how best use this to our advantage. 

Digital marketing

Here are some insights on how to maximise the impact of your NFP digital efforts.

1. The power of Storytelling.
Focus on who you are
rather than what you do.

Being behind a screen can make us seem less human.  Getting your story across your screen is not a piece of cake but is extremely valuable to get your audience on your side.  Sharing your vision, and actually getting this vision though will get you further than bombarding your audience with messages and donation requests that do not differentiate you from others who are vying for your audience’s attention.  Instead, find your unique story and the best way to transmit this. Video is a powerful way to create an emotional connection, build trust, and achieve authenticity while telling your story. Having a visual “about us” page on your website will also help you maximise story telling efforts.

2. Upraising of communities. 
Social media is a new space to bond and find answers. 

We do not want people to just follow us with no meaning or reason, we want them to be and feel as if they are an important part of our lives and communities. How do we achieve that? By not only telling them what we do, but giving them that what makes you unique and that they will be interested in, and actively communicating with them.  Ask them questions, answer theirs, give them interesting topics to talk about, get them engaged. 

A mature community created in social media will end up being managed by itself and will also provide comfort for the participants. 

Some groups that became communities that might bring you inspiration:

3. Find your advocates.
Relatable voices, the era of micro-influencers.

There is something that speaks bigger than words, and that is people. Relatable and close to who we are, small influencers are taking over the era of bigger and more famous influencers. Why? Because your audience relates better to them, they speak the same language, and they have a better chance of success in getting your message through.  Micro influencers are passionate about representing good causes, advocating for charities, and are eager to help. Think about who you are addressing, and who your audience listens to, and how you can engage organically with these micro-influencers, give them a real reason to help you.   

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4. Emerging technologies.
New tools made for Charities and Fundraisers.

Fundraising tools that help improve donation management are a must. Whether you want a free tool like Facebook  (Check eligibility here) or more refined technology,  these platforms will be your best donor allies. From integrated forms, donor management, billing gateways and even campaign promotion, technology offers you a more efficient way to fundraise, so that your efforts drive more results. 

Looking for a new donation platform? We recommend you our top pick Generous for Charities 

 5. Turn to collaborative work.
Joint forces to create better synergies.

In the digital era there is an organic movement towards collaboration and cooperation; for example, the coding community will often share their efforts by making their code available under open source arrangement, so anyone can use their work for free. As an NFP, consider  moving to a more collaborative way of working.  Finding common cause with other like-minded NFP, and joining forces will help your audiences in greater ways than working alone, which is ultimately your goal, and it will increase your credibility and reputation in your audience's eyes.  

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6. New digital platforms.
Social media is constantly changing, jump in

TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram reels are the new communication gateway to Gen Z, the generation that is sticking out for being more involved in good causes and giving.  These platforms are visual, have a lot of viral potential and have an extraordinary reach out of your closest current audience. 


Social media NFP

Whether you are a small NFP that is just getting started or a larger and more experienced one, a sound digital strategy has everything you need to give that extra zing to your cause. We want to help you get your vision through and make the world a better place.

Let us know Your “Heartburst” and how we can help you. 


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