Are You Leaving Donations On The Table?

By Heartburst Digital, 7 June 2019

June 30 is fast approaching!  

This is traditionally the peak fundraising time for non profits, and if you live in Australia the tax deductibility advantages for giving to nonprofits means it's a great time to be found.

So you could be doing everything you think is right to inspire your donors pocket but ultimately if potential donors aren’t engaging, you’re leaving donations on the table.

Here’s Why!

Someone could find your organisation through an advertisement or through you sharing your website on social media, but most of us would know that initial contact doesn’t always connect the dots.

How many times have you looked online or even gone to a shop with something in mind you want to buy? Let’s say you want to buy a large 82 inch 8K high definition TV to adorn your lounge room. They retail in the perimeter of $15,000.

You generally wouldn’t buy online the first time you see it. You would go to the shop, sit in their big leather couches, ask them to make you a latte and absorb the beauty of that big screen. You want as much information as possible about your potential purchase.

This is exactly the same with your donors. They are generally not going to engage with your organisation the very first time they encounter you. They want to know more about you, what you do, who you help. They want to be compelled and inspired to give!

This is where a beautiful piece of technology comes in.

Facebook Pixel

Not the ‘pixel’ you think of when you think about the pixel quality in a camera.

Facebook Pixel is simply a section of code you place into the back end of your website that tracks the potential donors visiting your site. This can analyse and track the behaviour of visitors on your website, eg. (analysing which pages they click on), and can retarget when they next visit Facebook.

Sounds all undercover 007 right? Well the internet is getting smarter and smarter. Facebook Pixel tracks donors visiting your site and then cleverly retargets your organisation to them on Facebook.

So all of those ads you see when you scroll through Facebook are not just random ads, but are specific ads tailored to your likes, interests, and clicked on pages etc.

By placing a Facebook Pixel on your website you can continue to retarget your organisations ads to potential donors. It keeps you forefront in their minds. They may have been initially inspired by what you do, but then get busy and forget about you.

Facebook Pixel initiates a reminder of the sites they've visited. They see your ad while scrolling Facebook and remember they were going to look more into giving to your organisation.

Donations on the Table.

This takes us back to our original point. Without retargeting and following up potential donors you could be leaving donations on the table.

So much is vying for our attention today, so a website visit is easily forgotten. By retargeting your organisations ad to appear back in front of donors, you raise the conversion rate exponentially.

Bringing it all together

Converting donors is all about using the tools you have to inspire them to give to your cause. It can be a big effort to get potential donors to your site. But by using the elements of social media, YouTube and email to bring people directly to your website you then have the opportunity and challenge to keep that connection with them.

Again, if you fail to continue your connection with them, you are leaving donations on the table.

Facebook Pixel is essential in raising your profile and ultimately converting donations into your organisation’s mission.

There are some really strategic and simple things to get your ads targeted and working for you while you sleep. Facebook Pixel is one of these excellent tools that can work with you in gathering potential donors.

Sometimes the simplest actions can have the biggest impact, and everyday you don’t do this means that potential donors are lost.

Most of all, you are not alone! As a digital agency we know how to help you get the most out of your targeted marketing.

If you need help setting up Facebook Pixel, or even creating your Facebook Ads and social media analytics, we have some very smart people at Heartburst who can help you get the results your organisation needs.

Contact us today and get your Facebook Pixel working for you before June 30!

Contact [email protected] or call 1300 428 778.


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