6 More Ways to Improve Your Donation Page and Increase Your Donation Rate!

By Heartburst Digital, 8 March 2019

In our second blog about improving your donation page (check out the first 5 steps here), we cover the pointy end of the donation process and how you can draw out the final steps to stay engaged with your supporters and continue a great relationship with them.


Improving your user's experience is not just about getting their attention to donate, but about ensuring their entire journey with your organisation is a positive one. You want to make sure you are creating as fewer barriers as possible.

I know how many times I've given up because a website form took me through too many hoops and jumps.
In today’s world, you really only need someone's name and email address if your donations are all online, and of course for paper receipts you will want a street address (but check the regulatory requirements for your specific sector). 

You can always collect more information about this new supporter as they engage deeper with your organisation, for example they may make a purchase from your online shop or order tickets to an event you are running.

But overall the less information you need out of your donors the more likely they are to complete the process and return in the future.


If you do need to have more than one page in the donation process, split the form into 3 or 4 short steps and provide a visual of steps to completion. World Vision’s donation page below clearly shows what you are giving to. They have created a no distraction page, and included a visual on how many steps to complete the donation process.


Encryption is now a mandatory security measure on websites where personal information is stored and transferred. The added challenge now includes cookies and the ability to trace IP addresses, making our websites even more vulnerable to security breaches. In a world of increasing data leaks and cyber attacks, it's about being responsible to keep your donors personal information secure and safe from possible violations.

The old HTTP now usually comes with a warning from Google that this is not a secure site. Sites deemed secure now have a ‘HTTPS’ or a lock icon in the url bar.

In layman's terms, encryption means that your supporters personal and payment information is ‘hashed up’ and unreadable while in transit between the device they are using to your website payment system. This is now a must-have as of July 2018, Google began to prioritise search results with secure connections and highlight non-secure sites in it’s Chrome web browser.

Above is a screenshot of one of our clients websites whose site was deemed only ‘partially secure’. We provided some technical updates so that users had a fully secure experience.

You can ensure your website is secure by purchasing an ‘SSL Certificate’. This is a standard security protocol that establishes encrypted links between the web server and browser on your site.

Having an SSL Certificate or security icon on your donate page will ensure the donor feels safe giving their financial details over the Internet. If you are not sure if your website has a secure connection or need help setting this up we can help you secure your site.  -  Contact Heartburst.



Your final donation page should have a visual of your linked social media apps, to prompt the donor to share on their own social media and spread the message further. They can then amplify the impact of the donation with all of their friends. Even having a written prompt like the below example that donors can share, so they don’t feel awkward about saying that they gave can be helpful. 

This not only creates a great feeling for your supporters who have shared your cause, but think about how wide the reach of social media is and how many potential people will now see your organisation.

It’s another great avenue of free marketing for your mission!


It seems obvious, but… say thanks!

Once your donors have given, continue the relationship.

You’ve set up a nice ‘Thankyou’ final donation screen, but maybe more than just a 'Thank you for donating', you could actually list one or more ways that their donation has made a difference. You have a great opportunity on that final donation screen to state how their donation has helped your organisation.


Another great way to keep your donor engaged, is to send a follow up email providing more detail on the donation they just made. This could be a general email about some of your projects, or even an email from the CEO thanking them for their kind donation and how it made a difference.

Going the extra mile in making your supporters feel special and appreciated will inspire them to return regularly and continue to engage with your various projects.



Providing a field or tick box option on the last donation screen to ‘opt in’ for your organisations mailing list is a great way to further engage them. Answer the question before they know they have one, include a phrase like, “Sign up to hear how your donation has made a difference in someone’s life!”

They can then continue to receive updates about needs as they arise, and you can provide other opportunities to get them involved in your mission.


So to recap:-
  • Collect as little information as possible
  • Provide short steps to donate
  • Encrypt - Make sure your site is safe
  • Give donors the chance to share on social media
  • Say Thankyou
  • Inspire your donors to Subscribe

User experience (UX) is a popular term at the moment, and is all about making your website a pleasant experience for your donor to navigate through, engage and ultimately return. By looking at every facet of your donation process and improving it will help your supporters to not only have a frustration free experience, but may even be the deciding factor to give or not!

We would love to hear how your donations have increased through a user friendly donation page, and any suggestions you have found that improves processes.

If you are in need of help in making your donation page really special, please contact Heartburst at [email protected] or call 1300 428 778.   

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